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  • Burberry Brit Sheer (L) 1 oz edt spray

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    Burberry Brit Sheer (L) 1 oz EDT spray is a lady’s perfume designed by Burberry. It is no doubt a wonderful addition in to the house of Burberry collection. The fragrance emitted from the product is no doubt a joyful one reflecting the playful youth inside you. It has a fresh fruity scent mixed with a floral aroma with the top notes prepared from pineapple leaves, yuzu, mandarin, litchi and grapes. This perfume is always recommended for both evening and day wear.v

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  • Burberry Classic (L) 1 oz edp spray

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    The classical collection of the perfume house of Burberry is Burberry Classic (L) 1 oz EDP spray. It was launched in the initial years of Burberry, at around 1995. This particular fragrance is classified into the category of an oriental, refreshing and floral scent. This very much feminine perfume has a perfect note blending apricot, peach and cedar along with sandalwood, musk and amber. This heavenly fragrance is sure to impress anybody’s heart. Its refreshing feature makes it to be a strong recommendation for a day wear.

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  • Burberry Classic (M) 1 oz edt spray

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    In the year 1997, the perfume house of Burberry also brought out the men version of its classic fragrance. Burberry Classic (M) 1 oz EDT spray is a perfume for men and falls under the category of the masculine fragrance with a lot of confident appeal. It is a very sharp and spicy perfume with the touch of amber and lavender fragrance. This manly scent is prepared on the basis of a perfect blend of lavender, mint, cedar, sandalwood and very rich amber. This perfume is generally used for a casual wear.

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  • Burberry LONDON (M) 1.7 oz edt spray (Fabric)

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    Burberry LONDON (M) 1.7 oz EDT spray (Fabric) is a popular perfumes product from the Burberry house of perfume makers. It possesses a woody scent with a tinge of amber which expresses confidence. The perfect blend of leather, mimosa, oak moss, bergamot, port wine and cinnamon is featured in the Burberry Eau De Toilette spray if not more. This enticing fragrance of Burberry London makes you smell great. This, of course, leads to a great feeling on your romantic evenings.

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  • Burberry Touch (L) 1.7 oz edp spray

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    Burberry Touch (L) 1.7 oz EDP spray is a perfumed product launched in the year 200 by the famous house of perfume line designing, Burberry. Burberry touch can be categorized to be a gentle, refreshing and purely oriental fragrance generally used for a casual wear. The femininity of this awesome scent emerges from the perfect blend of rose petals and citrus being used as the top notes. Its mid notes are absolutely floral while it has a base note consisting with oak-moss, vanilla and cedar.

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