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  • Versense Versace 4 pc Gift Set For Women

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    Versense Versace 4 pc Gift Set for Women is an awesome combo for women. This can be a perfect gift for any occasions. It has launched from the design house Versace. From this gift set you can get 3.4oz EDT Spray 3.4oz Revitalizing Body Lotion 3.4oz Refreshing Bath & Shower Gel 5ml EDT Splash Mini. There have no doubt that when you gift this set to your close person you can easily make smile on her face. All the four products are useful and classy.

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  • Versense Versace 4 pc gift set for woman

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    Versense Versace 4 pc gift set for woman has four gift items in it. There is the presence of a revitalizing body lotion, a refreshing bath and shower gel, an eau de toilette spray and also a spray splash in mini size. The revitalizing body lotion is an absolute necessary for your body and the body lotion gives you that special caring touch that your body requires. The body lotion is a must have. The refreshing bath and shower gel will make you look youthful and will help you get a healthy skin. The spray has a very floral fragrance.

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  • Versus Versace Red Jeans (L) 2.5 oz edt spray

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    The Red Jeans edt spray from Versace was launched in 1994 by the renowned design houseGianni Versace. This edt spray for women has the perfect sharp and flower fragrance. With this exquisite feminine fragrance you can create the perfect balance between sensuality and sophistication. The heavenly scent possesses the perfect blend of lily, sandalwood, musk, vanilla, and jasmine. This edt spray is perfectly suitable for casual wear. The appealing aroma of this feminine fragrance will certainly keep you refreshed throughout the day.

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  • Victorinox Swiss Army Mountain water (L) 3.4 oz edt spray

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    Victorinox Swiss Army Mountain water (L) 3.4 oz edt spray is a manufacture of the designer house of Victorinox, Swiss Army. The perfume has come in to the market for public use in the year of two thousand and nine. The perfume has top notes of bergamot and neroli in it. The middle notes in the perfume are those violet and tea. The base notes are those of cedar and hay. The mood of the perfume is a playful citrus. The feel of the perfume is quite woody and the fragrance lasts for a long time.

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  • Victorinox-SA. Mountain Water (L) 2pc set

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    Victorinox SA Mountain Water (L) 2 pc set which will make the women in particular a great deal happy. For the Victorinox SA Mountain Water (L) 2 pc set consists of an eau de toilette spray and a ringtone card for women. The perfume has been manufactured by the designer house of Swiss Army and the launch of the perfume marks the celebration by the company of one twenty five years in the industry. The scent of the perfume is quite sweet and clear. The scent has smells which tells tales about the mountains of Switzerland. The perfume has a very feminine touch in it.

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  • Victorinox-Swiss Army CLASSIC (L) 1.7 oz edt spray

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    The fresh and versatile fragrance is for the active, contemporary woman seeking a stylishly natural, clean scent to carry her through the day. This unique blend of ingredients surrounds you in all of the glory of nature. It is the fragrance for the modern woman with class.

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  • Victorinox-Swiss Army Mountain Water (L) 3.4 oz edt spray

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    Swiss Army Mountain Water 3.4 EDT Spray is a perfect women fragrance among all the perfume. The company known for its popular multi efficient success device has created a special version flower perfume for women, to enjoy its 125th anniversary. This is an elegant and clean fragrance that stimulates the beauty of Switzerland’s hills, and landscapes. The perfume is breezy and light with notices bergamot, neroli, purple, partner, forest and hay. A wonderful sharp fragrance that is perfect for using when you go to office.

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  • Victorinox-Swiss Army VICTORIA 3.4 oz edt spray

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    Swiss Military Victoria is latest female perfume of design house Victorinox. Victoria conveys the character of the modern woman, gifted with a natural sense of informal elegant. The major notes of this perfume are Freesia, Plum, Blackcurrant, the middle notes are Bulgarian rose, Lilly of the Valley, Viola, and the base notes are Cedar leaf, Sandal wood, White Musk, Myrrh. Victoria will provide her the durability and confidence of sensation good for the everyday activities in life. The lady dressed in this will with confidence show her beauty and freedom.

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  • Vous & Moi O!Catch (L) 3.4 oz edp spray

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    Vous & Moi O!Catch (L) 3.4 oz edp spray is a perfect perfume for stylish women. Vous & Moi O!Catch (L) can easily available in 3.4 oz. It has launched from the brand house Vous & Moi. The fragrance type of this perfume is Eau de Parfum. There have no doubt that when you use it will increase your personality and confidence. This is perfect perfume for all occasions. When you use this perfume you can feel very fresh and confident.

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  • Womanity by Thierry Mugler for Women 3 Piece Set

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    Womanity byThierry Muglar 3 Piece set is a perfect combo for women. This is an appropriate for both gift and use. The type of this fragrance is Eau De Perfume. It has come from the design house Thierry Muglar. An interesting, strange and unique fragrance, full of comparison is built around the concept of the fig fruits, a highly effective icon of femininity, with a remarkable fig and caviar conform. You can get this 3 Piece set in Auburn and Orange color.

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  • XOXO (L) 3.4 oz edp spray

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    Xoxo (L) 3.4 oz edp spray should be preferably used during the evenings when you are going out for a party. The Xoxo (L) 3.4 oz edp spray is brought by the house of the Victory International. The house brought out this perfume in the year of two thousand and four. The fragrance notes of the perfume are suede sandalwood, lily, patchouli and musk. The perfume is quite the correct one for the women who are very lively. The perfume has a mischievous hint about it and will be one of your fondest collections. So collect it soon.

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  • XOXO (L) 4pc Set

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    Xoxo (L) 4 pc gift set has within it the contents of an eau de parfum spray, a satin body lotion, a moisturizing shower gel and a cute mirror for viewing by the women. If you happen to gift this set to women it will please them no end. The fragrance should be used during the day time. The perfume is meant for a certain set of playful women. The fragrance has the notes of musk, sandalwood, passion fruit and white apricot and Tahitan vanilla in it. There is also a satin body lotion and a moisturizing shower gel in the gift set which is sure to give your body a lot of glow and radiance.

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