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  • Alien 4pc Gift Set

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    The alien 4 pc gift set is quite a gift. The price of the product is $59.99. This is a product brand of Thierry Mugler. The whole package consists of 4pc gift set, 1oz EDP, 1oz shower gel, 1oz body cream and cosmetic bag. You can shop online through different website or from the official website too. They are a 100% genuine product and are available online or in store too. What more could you ask for. This product will make a gift set.

    $48.99 $47.99
  • A. Banderas THE GOLDEN SECRET (M) 3.4 oz edt spray

    4.00 out of 5
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    The Golden Secret is an interesting male fragrance range by Antonio Banderas. It is launched in the year 2011. Exciting fragrance of this scent is created from cedar note, nutmeg, amber, cumin, leather, apple liquor and black pepper. Unique content of this product provides an interesting aroma that makes women in your life keep guessing the source of the perfume. Maddening aroma of this male fragrance is enticing the women of all ages. Therefore all men should buy this product to attract women of their life.

    $30.99 $29.99
  • Adam Levine (L) 3.4 oz edp spray

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    Mesmerizing aroma is one of the unique qualities of the Adam Levine (L) 3.4 oz Eau De Parfum. This unique perfume created with various spices amalgamated with Rose Petals, Jasmine Petals, Australian Sandal wood and leaves to generate an aroma of frothy vanilla. Intoxicating aroma of the Adam Levine (L) 3.4 oz Eau De Parfum creates a spell binding effect. It helps the women to appear as more sexy and intoxicating to the opposite sexes. You can gift this amazing perfume to love of your life.

    $25.99 $24.99
  • Alfred Sung (L) 3pc Set (3.4 EDTS, 2.5BL, 2.5SG)

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    It is a perfect gift for all occasions. It is a scent for women. It is comprised of 3.4 fl oz of Eau de toilette spray, 2.5 fl oz of body lotion and a 2.5 fl oz of shower gel. It is a perfect skin care treatment for women of all ages. Nourish your skin with this product and also bring out the unique scent of the body with the influence of this scent. Maddening aroma of this perfume will create a sense of aura around you.

    $55.99 $54.99
  • ALIEN (L) Essence Absolue 1 oz edp spray Refillable

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    The Alien (L) Essence Absolue 1 oz edp spray refillable is said to bring out the extreme forms of femininity. The Alien (L) Essence Absolue 1 oz edp spray is the symbol of that perfect blessing on earth- womanhood. The perfume is the shade of honey collected in a pear shaped drop bottle. The scent will be successful in bringing out the diva in each and every woman who makes use of it. The notes will include vanilla and the essence of myrrh. The fragrance is quite intense and powerful. At the same time the essence is warm and inviting also.

    $48.99$70.99 $47.99$60.99
  • ALIEN 4pc Gift Set

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    Alien 4 pc Gift Set has been brought for use by the people by the house of Thierry Mugler. She is quite a distinguished personality in her own rights. The Alien 4 pc Gift Set consists of one oz edp, a one oz shower gel, a one oz body cream and a cosmetic bag. This particular gift set was introduced in the year of two thousand and five. The fragrance notes are in the way of vanilla and spring time woods. The scent of the orange blossoms is also imbibed in the contents of the gift pack. The Alien 4 Pc Gift set is ideal for gifting purposes.

    $60.99 $59.99
  • Angel LE LYS (L) 0.8 oz edp spray Refillable

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    Angel LE LYS 0.8 oz EDP spray is a very classy perfume and made with the best spirits and perfume. They have been launched in the year 2005 as business has been booming since it started. The flower fragrance makes it exquisite for your body. If you like the product, it is available online through their website. The price of the product is just $35.99. The product is 100% unique as you get what you wanted. We guarantee you that you will like the product.

    $36.99 $35.99
  • Angel PIVOINE (L) 1.7 oz edp FLACON refill

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    Make your women happy by gifting her a bottle of Angel PIVOINE (L) 1.7 oz edp FLACON refill perfume. The perfume has come from the design house Thierry Mugler and has a unique blend of fruity and woody essences. It becomes one of the best selling perfumes for women. The scent made up of various fruity ingredients such as melons, peaches, citrus and plums. The collection of angel fragrance comes in a variety of sizes. The bottle of the perfume is designed
    uniquely and elegantly.

    $49.99 $48.99
  • Animale (M) 3.3 oz edt spray

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    Make your men feel special by gifting him an Animale (M) 3.3 oz edt spray. The perfume uses the fragrance of various fruits like lemon, pine apple, lime and tangerine. This fragrance also combined with rose, jasmine, cocoa and nutmeg. This perfume has a hint of woods, musk and vanilla. This unique type of fragrance makes your man all day fresh and helps to keep their mind happy. This masculine scent acts gently on the skin and lasts for hours throughout the day.

    $22.99 $21.99
  • Animale AZUL (M) 3.4 oz edt spray

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    The unique essence makes the perfume different from other perfume. Animale AZUL (M) 3.4 oz edt spray is a perfume for men. Using this perfume you can feel fresh and energetic throughout the day. The perfume was launched by the designer house Animale Group Perfumes. The perfume has a good and refreshing scent but it is not too strong. The fragrance is inspired by fruits and floral and has a seductive nature that is able to attract anyone to you. The fragrance is ideal for romantic evening use.

    $20.99 $19.99
  • Aqualina-Pink Sugar SENSUAL 1 oz edt spray

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    Aquolina Pink Sugar Sensual 1 oz edt  perfume present sweet-tart initiates of dark currant, tangerine and bergamot, as an fresh-fruity overture to a heart consisting of lemon flower, light technicalities of light red jasmine petals and leaves and tiare blossoms. Base notices attract with sweet taste of vanilla flavor, dark sugar and woodsy accords of sandalwood.

    $19.96$23.99 $18.96$22.99
  • Aquolina-Pink Sugar SENSUAL 1 oz edt spray

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    Introduced by the design house Aquolina in the year of 2009, Aquolina-Pink Sugar SENSUAL 1 oz edt spray is a sensual perfume for women. The scent is charming and seductive in nature. Seduce your special lone by wearing this perfume on a date. The scent is perfect for any evening party or night out. The floral and fruity essence keeps you fresh and active all the day. Wear this on a night party and make others fall in love with you.

    $14.99 $13.99